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Would you like your child to perform better at school, improve his/ her creativity and be better at solving complex problems? If the answer is "YES", the solution is quite simple; introduce them to a second language as early as possible.

Join our language clubs today! We teach languages to children from babies to 11 year olds in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Your children will start learning languages at the right age giving them a headstart for secondary education.


Why Languagespark?


A proven teaching method


At Languagespark we use a proven and well established method of teaching languages; La jolie Ronde.


La Jolie Ronde is a structured and progressive course for children from 0 to 11 years of age. It is the result of over 25 years of research and development in providing the best way for our children to learn a second language. It is flexible too! Children can join classes at a level suited to their maturity.


Our course is used in thousands of schools across the UK and Ireland and around the world.


Classes are held in nurseries, school breakfast clubs, at lunch time clubs and after school extra-curriculum activities.




Sound preparation for secondary school

The methodology of La Jolie Ronde aims to give an enjoyable experience to children to build confidence and self-esteem.


Children are not just taught a language, they are taught vital language learning skills so that they can transfer what they have learned with us to a second or even a third foreign language in secondary school.


A simple language awareness course quickly crumbles. Children need to learn methodically. Our lessons are organised and the activities change constantly.


Our aim is that children enjoy the language so much that they will look forward to their secondary school language learning experience.


Fun learning


Our course introduces children to a new language in a natural way through games, colouring, role-plays and songs. We make it fun and they have fun.


Have a look at the video below. You will see how the children enjoy a typical lesson! Small children love repeating words and expressions and, as our children grow up and progress through the course, words and phrases are reintroduced through new and different activities.







In a safe environment


All our teachers are CRB checked. You can be reassured that your children will be looked after and safe during each lesson.



















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